Monday, April 27, 2009

One People

I once had a blog called One People, and I wrote under the name Zachdus, because Achdus, or achdut, is the Hebrew word for unity, and my Hebrew name starts with a Z, so it made sense for that blog to be authored by someone named Zachdus.

But it was too hard, keeping up two blogs. And yet I hate to lose some of the things I wrote over there, so I'm going to rewrite them here, maybe improve them a lot, or maybe not at all.

As The Flying Bubbie, thinking about how my Bubbie behaved and how my mother, who is also a bubbie interacts, and I’m trying to be true to their truths. My mother's teachings are clearly her mother's teachings, and for sure, Torat Emecha (emaich) is the Torah of Your Mother. Your Auntie Sarah, or however she's related to you, taught me to say Shema before I went to sleep and I'd be less afraid because He protected me. Anything, if you're me, to lower the anxiety that a bad person really will climb through the window.

Flying United

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