Monday, September 21, 2009

Going Out of Your Way

My spouse of over 34 years, he should live and be well, says to me, sometime over R"H:
I'm going to go to St. Louis to see my brother, probably Sunday night or early Monday morning after selichos.
His brother got a kidney, 'kain yirbu', two days before year's end, the kidney and he should live and be well, they should live happily ever after together, HaShem Yisborach!

You're not driving to St. Louis alone on Sunday night. Are you crazy? Fly there.
I forget all about this conversation. A lot happens inbetween, mainly Rosh HaShana. We go to bed Sunday night after the holiday at 9:30, exhausted from yuntif (and all the food). He generally gets up at midnight to go to selichos.

I wake up at 3 and he's not back from shul; I think he must be asleep on the couch.

4 o'clock, he's not there.

4:30, I get up to make coffee before the fast, sure he's making pancakes. Don't smell anything.

He's gone.

Still at selichos?


He's busy doing mitzvos, 3rd day of the year, already to Springfield. Can I complain?

Obviously not.

Flying Bubbie, saluting Driving Saba

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