Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flying Less

I made this huge deal that I had to fly thousands of miles to see my kids and grandkids to do what feels so right, grandparent.  Meaning, I complained on occasion. 

To feel better, I started this blog.  FD called me Coast to Coast Bubbie.  But The Flying Bubbie won out as a handle, ultimately.  

Crazy thing happened, the west coast bunch moved back to Chicago!  Now I only have to travel to one city to see their cousins. I travel a lot less, having eliminated California.  Some see this as a great loss, not visiting California three to four times a year.  But flying is expensive, and we could say enough already, to CA.

 Nobody is retiring anymore, and those of us who still work, seem to be working more than ever,  certainly the case with me.  We’ve already discussed that when you're busy time flies, no chiddush (Yiddish, rhymes with hid-dish, hard "ch").  It's out of control, how much it flies.  Time wins frequent flyer miles contests.  

Blogging, deliberately capturing the finer moments of not working is feeling like a good idea, even if the technical intent of some of my trips down south are to present corporate or educational workshops.  

Unlike my other writing, however, there's no tremendous therapeutic import here, just observations, opinions.  Feel free to comment on them.  

A granddaughter graduated kindergarten, so we flew south.  We almost didn't make it, airfares are so high, but white knuckled the wait for them to drop.  Eight days before the big day, Delta dropped below the $200.00 mark (from Ohare yet).  So we popped.  

I mean, it's a graduation.

There's a spin on what they learn in kindergarten, arguably among the most important things they will ever learn in school..

Little munchkins in blue caps and gowns.  Pretty adorable. Instead of long speeches, you get songs!
And before it's over, time for cookies, and off to enjoy the day.  As opposed to college graduations, these are over by 11:00 am.

It's hot in the south.

So after the ceremony, cake, and peanut butter and fluff straight from the jar for lunch (and yogurt, fine), we went to Centennial Olympic Park to run crazy in the fountains.  It wasn't an original idea.

We went for ice cream and pizza, did some swimming, too, between mentoring the young ones.  Below you see FD telling one of them about the birds and the bees, or in this case, just bees.

Someone asked me, "Why would anyone fly across the country for a kindergarten graduation?"
Why?  Seriously?

The Flying Bubbie

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