Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why a Flying Bubbie

On the previous post astute readers get a flash of a couple of my ainikul.* I haven't done this before, posted pictures of my grandchildren. But I got tired of blogging and not sharing like everybody else. On my other blog all you get is a back of a head. And a few marine fish.

All this has changed because my daughter kept making annoying comments like, Why blog if you can't even put up a picture? When I told her about some of the lovely people who have threatened me on that other blog (did you know that this is a crime, threatening bodily harm on the Internet?) she backed off.

But it got to me. And I have a lot to say about being a bubbie**, a grandmother, one who has to get on an airplane to see her kids (some of them) and their kids. Why should I be kept in a box? And I figure they'll grow up, they'll look different.

Okay, enough of this. I have to go. Getting older and older by the second, eating soup sounds like the proper Jewish thing to do right now.

Flying Tired

*ainikul is Yiddish for grandchild, rhymes with "may-nickle"
**bubbie is Yiddish for an old lady with pins in her hair, rhymes with "tubby"

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