Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Flying Bubbie

I just spent almost months of my life avoiding music, not going to movies, missing every wedding and bar mitzvah (not the services, but for sure the luncheons). And I'm about to come out of that state of mourning.

It's a pretty crazy, giddy feeling. You don't miss those things so much, not until the last month or two. I didn't even want to watch TV, which for me is ridiculous, because even if I only watch a couple of hours a week, those hours are nirvana.

About a month or two ago I started changing the designs of my blogs, so that tells you something. Things are looking new. Before two long, I can give away some clothes, buy some new ones. Not a lot, but something. A hat. Gevaldik.

So I don't feel comfortable talking about this process anywhere else, even though some of my readers on other blogs wouldn't mind, might even like it. But here, where everyone loves a bubbie, it seems safe.

The Yahrtzeit is the 29th of Shevat, also the Yahrtzeit for my brother.

I already bought the candles.

Your Flying Bubbie

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