Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Shoes

Last night I dropped off Aba (the father of my children) at the hospital so he could put someone's health back in order. He must have paged five times on Shabbas, and he's not on-call. It's a great life.

Doubled back to Target (wouldn't you?) in search of house shoes, again. My Dad needs something between a shoe and a slipper, and he can't shop, and he wears a size that does not exist, so I'm running around finding bargains (for myself, of course, too, so as not to waste time). I found the last pair for him at Marshalls, but they didn't work. Is anyone out there a size 10?

I buy two different 11's, one of the pairs really stretches,thinking if he doesn't like either, well, Aba's an 11.

Of course neither are any good. We watch the Bulls beat the Timberlakes and mom shows me a dress she has that maybe I could wear.

"A little old for me, maybe?"

"I didn't think of that."

I take it anyway, just to see. Her stuff is always in perfect condition.

Flying Dressed

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