Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sending Someone Instead

I assume my brother or his kids visited our parents today. It's the first Sunday in January, and I had all kinds of work to do at the office (when you work for yourself, you're your own slave driver), so I didn't leave until 3. For a Sunday, that's late, and it means I'm starving, like every other Sunday afternoon.

Not a fast food person, I scoot straight home to scrounge in the refrigerator and cook. This kills the late afternoon, but takes priority over visiting people. Anyway, I visited last night, and never even told you about the other things we did, the l'chaim (beautiful) and the shiva call (always meaningful).

But forget it. That was yesterday and yesterday's gone.

Plus I had to feed the grandfish. Duv's tank has been left in my charge while he and Cham are in California visiting that bottom piece of the sandwich, his sister and her family.

The fish were pleased. They all came out to greet me. I took their picture.

I added water, too, to the tank. And watered Cham's plants, lest they die. If they die it will be my fault for watering them, for I don't understand moderation when it comes to water, not generally.

I sent the youngest son to my mom and dad's with a little left-over chicken and some rice, to take care of the top slice of the sandwich. I didn't make the chicken, is the thing, a guest brought it over on Friday night and everyone raved about it, so I assumed the 'rents would, too. We'll see. I'll let you know.

Promised the doc I'd work on taxes with him, so gotta' go.

Flying Quiet, in a bathrobe at 7:35 pm.

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