Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Garage Door Opener

Tonight I check my phone after Shabbas and there's a text from my brother:
The garage door opener works!
It's a miracle. My parents' garage door opener has been missing for 15 years. I assumed we would find it after the snow melted, when we didn't need it anymore.

But my father, apparently, has known its whereabouts all along and disclosed the secret to my brother. Why it had to be a secret is anyone's guess. Could be because they lived in Florida for the winter, they didn't want anyone to have access. But this is only a theory.

Anyway, the other option was a universal. I told Tam (s-i-l), "Something about a universal remote is disturbing to me."

Good thing they found it.

Flying Secure

P.S. I've subsequently learned that it never was a secret, that Dave rummaged around in a cabinet looking for it, and there it was. But the truth is, when I asked Dad, he said he had no idea. Maybe he just didn't hear me.

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