Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Gardening Saba

Here are my first three, camoflaged in the irises 25 years ago.

Saba, otherwise known as FD, is upset when it rains every single day. Or so it seems every spring.

Why? Because he can't mow the lawn. Or his plans to mow the lawn have been interrupted.

On the other hand, he'll say, Water is good for the garden.
So it's always a gam zu.*

He's planted all kinds of things in the backyard this year for the rabbits, skunks, and possums to eat. We'll be lucky if we see a single bean.

Anyway, he tookthe starter plants from my father a few years ago who also gardens, mostly by pointing to the plants and the spots he wants the landscaper to place them.

I think the pink ones in the top picture are peonies. They started out a few years ago as a tiny clump of green, and now look at them. Earwig bait.

But the irises on the left were in front of my house when we moved in 30 years ago (yes, 30 years ago this October). These used to take up that entire patch, a stunning spread of purple and white. But neighbors took my silence as permission to thin them out, take a few for themselves. So the iris patch thinned, and thinned and pretty soon there was nothing left.

But this year, perhaps because the weather has been so incredibly bad (meaning cold and wet) G-d himself determined that the irises should be fruitful and multiply, and they're back, just waiting to grow to the point where little children, literally, can hide in them.

Bubbie Clicking

* A gam zu, rhymes with mom-two, is Hebrew for, This too, but is associated, with
This too, is good.

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