Monday, June 29, 2009

Simple Happy

Our boy Sim had a flight home on Friday for an NCSY advisers meeting.

I got the dreaded text while seeing patients in the morning.
Flight canceled. Don't know if I'll make it home.
"Emunah, darling," I write back. "It's early and the day is long."

A couple of hours later he texts me that he'll be in around 3:30, only an hour later than we expected him. Big, happy sighs of relief. It's just always a happy thing when the kids come over, no matter from how near or how far.

We hardly saw him on Shabbas because FD and I were comatose by ten o'clock on Friday night and he didn't get back from his oneg until midnight. I sure didn't hear him come in.

And shul was mobbed for a Bar Mitzvah, and always afraid someone will yell FIRE, I skipped out of the kiddish with only a few bites of popcorn. But Dov and Cham were expected for lunch, and I set for Safta, too, although doubted she'd join us.

She's nursing a bus injury, or a dancing injury. Either she jumped off the bus too quickly (I'm so careless!) or Israeli dancing twice in one week did her in. We're calling it a pinched nerve, by the way. She needed something to tell people, some diagnosis that made sense to her.

Anyway, Saturday night we watched Rear Window (because we're real party animals, you know, couldn't even bother to rent something) except I fell asleep for the last fifteen minutes and went to bed at 1:00. Sunday's a work day for crying out loud.

And Sunday was beautiful day. A perfect Chicago day, not hot, not cold, but very windy. We thought we had a wedding at night, but were mistaken, so made a barbecue in Sim's honor instead, and Dov and Cham stopped by. They walked in on the end of My Cousin Vinnie, perhaps one of my favorite movies of all time. Marisa Tomei, unbelievable.

It helped that chuck steaks were on sale at Jewell last week so I had some in the freezer (this happens maybe twice a decade, we grill steaks, we're very low on the food chain people in general, although you would never know it, reading this post.) Anyway we had a lot of potato kugle left, and tons of guac, for some reason. FD and I both bought avocados Friday, he had his shiur coming over and that means snacks and fruit for the month.

Ira (our ben bayit, aka known as boarder) joined us and we made plans for his birthday, determined it would be birthday pie, not cake, that Shabbas, and his girlfriend should set aside that Friday night for the party.

By eleven, after packing up cookies and cold-cuts and hotdogs and meatballs for Sim to take back to Maryland, this Bubbie was totally wiped, and this morning, around four, said good-bye to him, got to working on my screen play, something that I'm literally knocking out in about ten hours, total. Tina Fey, obviously, should get the lead, but we'll accept Marisa Tomei.

Sim's going to buy that George Foreman, in case anyone wants to know.

Flying Good


  1. A beautiful Chicago day. Better keep that on record as it might be three months before it happens again. ;)

  2. You just want me to move to California, Jack, nice try. But we should have a blogger get together some day. How 'bout in Chicago? No competition for time.


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