Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What to do about Fish

We're not talking gefilte fish here.

maybe I should just leave them where they are, in the sea.

But it is a dilemma, the risk of losing fish, and having lost a really nice one because I put him in too small a tank tells us everything about small spaces. Not good for some living things.

The obvious solution is to buy a bigger tank and set that up. With a bigger tank the nitrogen levels don't rise so fast that salt water fish are vulnerable and die. Not if you take good care of it. So I did that, set up a 20 gallon tank.

But you still wait a month before you buy new fish to make sure the water is just right. Can you imagine if we waited a month to take a bath?

So now I sit across from people and listen to them talk, squeak out a few words here an there, and my eyes wander over to a large tank full of clear running water and a couple of pretty rocks and that alone looks so pretty, and I'm wondering,

Do I really even need the fish? Maybe a couple of fake fish?

Flying Rational

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